Illustration Showing Measure K Dollars at Work

​ November 2017 Update - Massive Changes to Campus Are Coming

There are some massive changes coming to Shasta starting next week.This is a necessary step in the construction process for our new buildings and expanded parking lot. More than ever before, we will have to be calm, patient, and courteous.

- The crossed out area in the flyer will be closed to all cars and pedestrians.

- All of the curbs in the parking lot will be designated as fire lanes - cars should never be left unattended unless they are parked in a designated parking space.

- The handicapped spots will be relocated.

- The main entrance to the campus will be the breezeway next to the MPR/Cafeteria.

- The south side of Leora will be designated as loading/unloading only.

- A crosswalk will be installed across Leora to the overflow parking lot.

- Weather-resistant paths will be installed at the DeGarmo gates so students/parents don't have to walk in the muddy field.

- The exit from the main parking lot will be right turn only= cars can travel to the dead-end on Leora and turn back toward the Esplanade.

- Bus drop-off and pick-up is relocated to the Esplanade.

Campus Improvements Update

Some big changes are coming to Shasta Elementary School as we are getting ready to start the next phase of construction. These are some renderings that show what we are getting ready to start building. Thank you for your support!
Future Office Rendering