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  • To nurture talents and abilities
  • To promote academic excellence
  • To develop responsible citizens
  • To foster respect for others
  • To provide a safe and enriched environment


It is the vision of Shasta Elementary School, with the aid of students, parents, staff, and community to develop students and graduates who are confident individuals with positive self-esteem; educated, responsible, enlightened citizens;  effective communicators; creative problem solvers; critical, reflective thinkers; self-directed, life-long learners; effective users of technology; and productive members of the work force.  In our vision, all students will succeed and educators will be accountable for the quality of student work within a safe, enriched environment, utilizing a wide variety of resources and strategies.


  • Shasta School will provide enriched, student-centered environments in which every student will have the opportunity to succeed, to nurture individual talents and abilities, to develop respect for self and others, and to become an involved, responsible citizen.
  • Shasta School will promote excellence in both academic and non-academic areas for all students.
  • Shasta School will establish curricular expectations for all students and develop a student assessment process consistent with these expectations.
  • Shasta School will maintain safe, secure and healthy learning environments where disruptions do not impede the learning process.
  • Shasta School will provide staff development opportunities to ensure continuing instructional excellence and to explore and, where appropriate, implement innovative educational strategies.
  • Shasta School will develop criteria for assessing school wide effectiveness.
  • Shasta School will form partnerships with students, parents, staff, Board of Education, and all community resources to share governance od and responsibility for student success.

School Description

Shasta School is located at the north end of Chico, serving the rural/residential community between Commercial Avenue and the Butte County line.  Although enrollment in this K-5 school has grown, parents still regard Shasta as a quiet, country school with its peaceful vista of mountains across the valley.  Shasta School has 25 fully credentialed teachers.  Grades K-3 are part of the class size reduction model with a maximum of 20 students per classroom.  Grades 4-5 average 30-32 students per classroom.  Shasta School meets the required number of instructional minutes per year for each grade.  Student demographic breakdown includes 87% white, 8% Hispanic, 2% Black and 12% Asian.  The school wide API has increased continually in the last four years from a base score of 705 in 1999 to a score of 812 in 2003.  Shasta School promotes high academic achievement for all students while instilling values of responsible citizenship and respect for others in a safe, enriched environment. Accountability will be shared between parents, educators and the students themselves.   

School Map

School Accountability Report Card

Site Asbestos Plan

Please click on the link below to view Shasta School's Asbesto Management Plan.
Shasta Asbestos Management Plan

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