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Hello Bobcats!
It's time for Spirit Week - Show off your Bobcat spirit while staying safe at home!

April 6th - Hawaiian Day

Join Baxter for his dream vacation to Hawaii! Dress for your Hawaiian vacation and send Baxter a photo! Have your mom, dad or grandma take a photo and send it to us so we can share with other Shasta Friends!


April 7th - Rainbow Day

Kindergarten wear red
1st grade wear blue
2nd grade wear green
3rd grade wear yellow
4th grade wear purple
5th grade wear orange

April 8th - "Real" Superhero Day

Write a letter or make a sign to thank Essential Superheroes who are working to help others during this difficult time. Send a photo!!

April 9th - Dress for your favorite season.

This might just be a flip-flop kind of day! Take a photo and send it so Baxter can see what your favorites are.

April 10th - Pajama Day!

What are you reading in your PJ’s Day? Send a photo of you in your pajamas and your favorite book. Baxter is going to LOVE this one!!
Let's keep the Bobcat spirit going!!!
Bobcat On!

Shasta Bobcats' Art


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